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DINE TIME:The Beauty Way
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5/27/01 Box Canyon Pictographs

Erudite scholars debate a Question:
If anyone were able to become
proficient and fluent in all known
symbol-systems, would there
still be a part of experience
left unexpressed?

Henry Moore would become
slightly irritated and annoyed when
interviewers asked him,
after touring his studio,
to summarize his sculpture
in "just-a-few-sentences."
He refused by politely asking
"Now there wouldn't be any
need for the sculpture if I
could do that, would there?"

If you watch toddlers manage
before they catch on to speaking
their native tongue, or if you
listen carefully to your inner response
when viewing the pictographs
you "know" an experience that
transcends words - and just may
make them obsolete!

Being isn't doing or telling - just IS.