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DINE TIME:The Beauty Way
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5/05/01 Poem of Anticipation

I wrote the following poem at my cabin,
The FINNISH READING ROOM, in northwestern
Wisconsin on 4/16/01, thinking about meeting
some new poets in Arizona, and I thought
you'd enjoy it. It tells of things I cherish...


Please briefly consider just a few things
I already don't know about you, we
having never actually met, such as
how any one of you might

1. meditate aloud about how music
moves you & that contagious motion
will make me want to share Telleman's
Suite for flute & strings in A minor
& Hubert Law's exquisite, amazingly
delicious rendition of Amazing Grace;
2. mention casually, in passing, or
straight-on-directly, that you treasure
moving water, so then I'll want to
know just HOW invested YOU feel when
YOU are allowed to watch & hear & feel
certain lapping waves, trickling
streams or rapids-running rivers
which cleanse at the soul level
leaving us simultaneously
enriched, charged & spent;
3.use your aesthetic dowsing rod to
locate, then flood our little community
with any discovered waves of beauty
you might know how to find in
dust, dew, rocks, rain, skin or spirit,
washing your awe-ful wonder around &
through the gathered parched
thirsty absorbent listeners;
4. evoke a benediction chuckle or guffaw
in response to your declared inventory of
place, movement, stillness, persons or self,
testifying to witnessed basic humanness
betraying itself to meet its need to be
acknowledged AND understood, deeply
........(a.k.a. to experience Love)
5. mine your depth of inner truths
to extract,trim & roughly polish facets
from most-closely-held-assets, yet offer
these for others to peruse, appraise & appreciate,
resonating shared personal worth;
6. disclose genuine clues about what
gathering here means to you, then disappear
to continue weaving threads of your story's
plot in your own far place -- resuming
your mystery existence which we only just
began to detect and solve.