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DINE TIME:The Beauty Way
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6/01/01 Dine Time: The Beauty Way

In this magnificent place
Canyon walls serve as
the primary timepiece

"Watch" means notice,
in minute detail, all the
wonders Mother Earth
cultivates and preserves

A deliberate, daily pace
not crowded with events
or information because
stories take their own time
to be told and listened to

Reminded by the wind at
random intervals that we
are just visitors, while it
runs its routine route
to take the day's attendance

Our host and hostess calmly
lead through their familiar paths
and patiently describe what's there
including us in history we'd
never get to know without
their open welcome

Re-entry will be difficult
to dodge the clutter we
almost got used to missing
I'll treasure the peace and pace
that is The Beauty Way and its
indelible mark on my eternity

A DEEP THANK YOU to Jon and Lupita!!!