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DINE TIME:The Beauty Way
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6/01/01 Coyote and Eyore's Wandering Adventure

Driving north and east from Chinle, AZ, as I
crossed the state border into New Mexico
in my Chevy burro I nicknamed Eyore for
his occasional reluctance to climb mountains,
my companion, Coyote, yawned and crawled
out of my bedroll in the back seat, a bit
cranky in attitude, and a little worse for
wear from a short night's sleep, informing
me that Eyore had telepathically suggested
to him that we try to make the Continental
Divide in daylight - no matter what time
zone it might happen to be.

Sure enough, Eyore needed a couple of "cool-it"
rests before crawling over the 10,000-plus
Cumbres Pass and getting ready to coast most
of the way toward the plains below. My guess
is that Eyore's feelings rivalled my own from
the day before, as I descended from the birth-
place trail.

The mountains are splendid and gorgeous
with aspen and birch accenting the hardwoods
and pine. (Maybe punctuating would be the
verb of choice to honor the week of writing?)

I'm wide awake, comforting Eyore, reassuring
him that Wind will cure his temperature and we
can proceed, slowly but surely. Eyore is skeptical,
with one eyebrow raised, but Wind will win him
over soon.

If Lois was "high" on her birthday, I'm enjoying
that same experience today! Whoever built these
roads had amazing courage. Coyote claims that
it was his cousin, Falling Rock, whom he says is
rather vain, and had those signs put up every
few miles which ask drivers to watch for him.
Eyore and I are tempted to bind and gag Coyote
and toss him in one of the snowbanks near the
road up here. He was spared that because he
occasionally makes observations that let us
see things from a different perspective.

--------One example follows:
-----Shortly after Coyote woke up, he
told me that it was advisable to not go
backwards very often, for anything, but he
did recommend an occasional look in the rear-
view mirror, in order to not forget the horizon,
which is 360 degrees, and always has new
surprises for you if you are awake to notice

-----We three hope all of you notice many
of those surprises in your future travels!
----------Happy Trails!