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DINE TIME:The Beauty Way
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5/27/01 The Trash Man Cometh

(A Kind Of Writer's Block)

Some public utility, quite
possible a rendering service,
has apparently acquired shares and
controls stock in my memory bank
for with increasing frequency
there is an irritating beep, beep, beep
as I back up to remember
some detail that surfaces
for one more quick peek
seeking a place in What Life Means,
just in case there's
some reason to salvage it.

With recycling "in vogue"
I am encouraged to sort
all left-overs according to
size, texture, fibre, durability,
content, aroma, sound, touch, etc.

I resist becoming more efficient,
savoring selected segments
which seem convertible,
perhaps combinable, for they hold
Endangered Meanings.

Some initally seemed worthy of
subscription and renewal, yet for
other than the usual circumstances
got ignored, undelivered or
sometimes even cancelled.

Now I take careful stock of:
----- intensity of feelings;
----- vividness of images;
----- distant and associated settings;
----- related and unrelated persons;
----- entangled and untangled relationships;
then estimate current exchange rate values
and guess what is redeemable or what
might just withstand rehabilitation.

Sometimes, though, it is NOT a beep.
It is more like an idiot light
on my mental dashboard, flashing
.........So, I don't.